pauline bedi

Waterloo, Ontario

custom longarm quilter



I create designs that enhance your quilt top.  Using fabric motifs and patterns created by the quilter I add dimension with thread.  My work is hand guided using a Nolting Long Arm Quilting machine.  I do not use a computer to generate the quilting and am currently adding ruler work to my repetoire.  It is my pleasure to discuss any designs you wish to incorporate and any concerns you have.  


Please feel free to email me using the contact page.



Pricing is currently set at :   $75 per bobbin  

    based on hand guided work.

    Extra charges occur if ruler work is involved.


Quilt batting is priced at :

    80/20 batting                         $14/meter

    100% cotton batting              $16/meter



For example : A typical 50x80 inch quilt top averages

3 1/2 bobbins and thus would cost $262.